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Customer Reviews
Fast delivery and excellent on-line instruction on dismantling to install the new screen, job done in no time, thank you.
5 Stars
Order received today, well packaged and labelled. It survived the Spanish postal system better than some other packages have! Useful tool kit included with clear and concise fitting instructions. A tricky task made easy! I will definitely use you again.
5 Stars
Broke it (Kindle 3) on the Tuesday, Googled for repair sources and found this site. Ordered it on Wednesday and it came in today's post (2nd Class) so could have had it yesterday if I'd paid the extra. Followed the online simple instructions and hey presto - it works a treat again. Only negative was I mislaid one of the black screws but who's fault was that! Anyway all back together again and am over the moon. Thanks for an excellent turnaround service and enabling me to carry out the replacement in minutes.
5 Stars
Screen delivered day after ordered. Followed consoleparts4u online dismantling instructions on how to replace screen. No real problems. Excellent
5 Stars
great screen and actually quite easy to fit!! Some say the screen can be a little tricky to fit; but it's not that bad! There are lots of guides on YouTube. Remove the back of the case.. You can then test your new screen without removing the 'void if removed, test before you use this screen' type stickers, by simply prying up/disconnecting the large ribbon connector in the bottom left hand corner (as you look at the motherboard with the back of the case removed), plug in your new screen and switch on.. If it's all good, switch off, disconnect the new screen and proceed with the replacement. YOU DO NOT have to dismantle the motherboard like some guides show!!! Don't take out the GPS Module either or undo/remove the two small (fragile!) ribbon cables.. Just take out the battery (don't lose the cup washers that he screws screw through!) then undo all the screws that hold the motherboard in. There are only two sizes of screw so it is not essential to remember where any specific screw came from - small black ones and larger silver ones.. One of the silver ones on the right hand side screws down via a cup washer (like under the battery terminal fixing screws and four in the bottom right hand corner hold down a plastic moulding with spring loaded contacts to the motherboard (no bits pop out!) - this is the only bit you have to remove from the motherboard!! The whole motherboard then lifts up and out from the top edge.. once free pull it up towards the top edge to clear the switches at the bottom edge of the case. The screen is held in by adhesive (more like double sided sticky tape) in to three thin stainless steel brackets.. Use your fingers to push the screen out of the brackets by pushing it in from the front, working your way around until the old screen is completely free.. Then remove the protective coating from your new screen and simply locate it back in the case, fitting inside the steel brackets and GENTLY push the edges of the screen with the tip of your finger to stick the screen to the adhesive in the brackets. Refit the motherboard, all screws, cup washer and the plastic moulded contact assembly, then refit the battery (cup washers first then the battery) make sure it all works then refit the case... Happy reading!
5 Stars

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